Our Organization

(DD refers to “Developmental Disabilities”)

DD Community Connector was founded by Edward Lau, Taylor Hui, Fiona Cheuk, Karen Leung, Chloe Ho and Franca Tam in 2014 to provide support to People with Developmental Disabilities, their families and siblings in GTA, Ontario, Canada.

The project to form DD Community Connector began in January 2014. Hours after hours and meetings after meetings of business planning and stakeholders consultations were conducted from January to October 2014 for establishing DD Community Connector. DD Community Connector was incorporated on August 26, 2014 and the first Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting was held on October 1, 2014. DD Community Connector embraces diversity by inclusion. The leadership agreed to create values for the community and developmental sector by exploring and creating projects and programs that are not readily available to people with developmental disabilities, their families and siblings.

We Embrace Diversity By Inclusion!

Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) by connecting and supporting individuals with DD, parents, siblings and volunteers to community partners and professional practitioners through our outreach programs.

We believe we can strengthen our community and the developmental disabilities sector in GTA by providing the following programs:

(1) DD Community Researchers
To research viable solutions to address developmental disabilities issues pertaining to Poverty, No Personal Supports, Government Policy, Queue Jumping, Uncoordinated Government Approach.

(2) DD Community Volunteers
To connect passionate volunteers to developmental disabilities organizations that are in desperate needs of volunteer support but are lacking the venues to recruit quality candidates.

(3) DD Siblings
To support and enhance the career and social developmental of DD siblings who are an important part of the support network for their sister(s) or brother(s) with developmental disabilities, families, and the community.

(4) DD Community Connectors
To outreach to community partners and professional practitioners to create a network of opportunities for individuals with DD, parents, siblings and volunteers that are connected to us.

DD Community Connector is currently providing services in Toronto (Scarborough areas), Markham and Richond Hill Ontario. DD Community Connector services to new geographical areas are being reviewed.